Blood & Burning Hotfix (TWA)

We’ve been listening to your thoughts on the Blood & Burning pack, so we’ve spent the last few weeks re-engineering it for greater impact (yes, that does mean buckets more claret). This hotfix is live now.

There’s a bunch of changes which we hope you’ll like, in particular the much wider range of combat animations which result in copious spillage. Blood decals now appear on all terrain types and they stick around longer, too. You can find the full list of improvements below.

Incidentally, you may notice some subtle changes to the mod manager in the Attila Launcher. This is because we’re preparing the ground for the release of the Attila Assembly Kit. It’s still in the oven but it’s nearly done, so stay tuned for imminent news!

Blood & Burning update includes:

  • Added blood effects to over 140 more death and wounding animations.
  • With graphics settings above performance/low, decapitations are now more frequent during battles.
  • Improved blood effects in battles, made blood more visible and in some instances, spurts last longer.
  • Added 14 more decapitation/dismemberment animations in battles.
  • Blood will now spurt from the correct location when agents are killed on the Campaign map.
  • Blood will now show on top of snow.
  • Improved framerate when the camera is close to burning people on the battlefield.
  • Increased the amount of vomiting when an army is suffering from sea sickness or plague.
  • Greater frequency of gory animated event pictures.
  • Blood decals will now remain longer on units and on the ground during battles.
  • Improved blood effects from decapitation and dismemberment on the Campaign map after limbs/heads are severed.
  • Units with seasickness on transport ships will now vomit.
  • Units will no longer play two death animations in some cases when set alight by flaming arrows on the Battlefield.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where units’ weapons changed while they vomited.

Other improvements:

  • Local Network/LAN mode on Mac connectivity has been improved.
  • Zooming into the family tree while selecting a target for a political intrigue no longer lets the player select invalid targets.
  • Removed precursor weapons from Germanic Levy and Mercenary Saxon Spears.
  • Fixed a rare save game crash on Mac versions.
  • Improved shadows on the Campaign map on Mac.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the End Turn cycle during Campaigns on Mac.