Athenai (TWR2-WoS faction)

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Athenian aid to the Greek cities of Asia Minor has prompted imperialist Persia to invade mainland Greece twice.


Each time, Athenai proved pivotal to its defeat, winning a stunning final naval victory at Salamis in 479 BCE. Its prestige at an all-time high, Athenian military hegemony, as well as trade and cultural supremacy, now seems likely, and with it a chance for revenge.

This state of affairs is, of course, how it should be; Athenai leads the Greek world in mathematics, science, philosophy and architecture - it should be its protector also. However, Sparta resents this new found influence. Just fifty years after the end of the Persian invasions, war once again looms over the Peloponnesus. The prize is effective control over the entire country; Athenai's naval might is matched by Sparta's superior land forces, either city - or indeed its Korinthian or Boiotian allies - could emerge from the ensuing conflict, victorious, to claim it!

The centre of learning in the ancient world, Athens profits well from its cultural exports, and its naval supremacy means it is geared for greater naval production capacity than its neighbours. However, its dreams of a great Athenian empire across Greece are dwindling, and the happiness of its people with it.

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Included in the Wrath Of Sparta Campaign Pack.

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