Assembly Kit Update Patch Notes

Update 10/10/2012

Release Notes:

  • Fix for modifying existing uniforms in Unit Editor (Saving and loading now use the same directories).
  • Fix for Unit Editor crashing on fresh installs.
  • Mod thumbnail images can now be uploaded via the Mod Manager.
  • Fix for AI Map Processing crash in BOB.
  • Mod authors will no longer re-download their own mods by default, unless they subscribe to them.
  • Some localisation added to the Mod Manager.

Known Issues:


  • Some compatibility issues with TEd running on XP / Vista / 32bit / < 2GB RAM systems.
  • The Preferences window from the Options menu is displayed incorrectly.
  • Undo history functionality can take a long time with lots of items in the list.


  • mod.pack files are a minimum of 22MB in size.
  • Some warnings appear when processing campaign maps (but the process should still complete).

Unit Editor

  • Assertions when closing the Unit Editor (these are ignorable).
  • The Unit Selection window gains focus even after “Edit Unit” has been selected (you have to minimise this list to see the Unit). If you attempt to edit another unit it will crash.
  • If you edit a unit in TWeak, then close the edit window. When you then select a second unit and edit it TWeak will crash. You will have to re-open Tweak.