Assembly Kit (TWR2)

Total War: ROME II – Assembly Kit Beta

Following the successful launch of the Steam Workshop for ROME II, we are pleased to release version one of the Assembly Kit for ROME II. The Assembly Kit is currently in Beta, and its feature-set will expand over time. If you have any questions or find any bugs to report, please visit the official forums here:

The Assembly Kit is essentially a collection of tools and example data files that will help modders create bigger and better mods. It contains:

  • TWeak with the following two plugins
    • DaVE – the game database editor
    • Variant Editor – for editing the look of characters, units and ships
  • BOB – for processing data including:
    • Textures
    • Models
    • Animations
    • Database tables
    • Group formations
    • Campaign starting positions
    • Packing files into mod pack
  • Exporters
    • 3ds max for models
    • Motion Builder for animations
    • Maya for animations
  • Data
    • Example data for each supported data type
    • The complete database backend

These tools will allow for the creation of mods that can then be uploaded to the Steam Workshop via the ROME II root folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\assembly_kit).

You can find instructions for this here:

This Beta release is designed to allow for the tools and processes to be tested by modders through usage, and to make sure there are no issues. We’ll post official documentation over the next few days and weeks, which will ultimately cover all areas of the Assembly Kit.

We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone will make with these tools, and the Assembly Kit will be updated over time to include other tools as well. To download the Assembly Kit, open your Steam client, and click Library->tools. Scroll down to Total War: ROME II – Assembly Kit BETA and double-click to install.

Once the Assembly Kit is installed via the tools menu in Steam, users can find all the tools here in their Rome II root folder:

Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Rome II\assembly_kit

Known Issue [as of 16/01/2014]:

If the user launches the Assembly Kit through the Tools section of Steam it will generate a file called steam_appid.txt in; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\assembly_kit\binaries

If the user then attempts to process a campaign start_pos through BOB it will NOT generate the start_pos.esf file because Rome2 will crash before it is able to start the process.

There is a work around – if the user manually deletes the file steam_appid.txt from the above directory it will work correctly, however if they launch via the Tools menu in Steam the file will be re-generated. This will not harm or affect the users game in any way.

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