Antony's Rome (TWR2-IA faction)

Marc antony map.png

Glory, Power, Control


At the time of Caesar’s murder, the prospect of assuming power looked good for Mark Antony. But even after he drove the assassins Brutus and Cassius out of the city, he was forced to toe the line by a senate terrified of another autocratic ruler. With Octavian leeching support from the Caesarian senators, the accomplished general and leader found himself increasingly sidelined.

In desperation, he besieged Brutus at Mutina, with the aim of seizing Gaul. Though Antony was defeated and subsequently outlawed by the senate, Lepidus joined him in response to Octavian’s threatened seizure of Rome, and helped stabilise the balance of power. When the three parties met and agreed to govern as the Second Triumvirate, it was Antony who received the lion’s share of territory, and placed in charge of the expedition against Caesar’s assassins.

Octavian was also present at the two battles of Philippi, but it was Antony and his forces that made the decisive contribution. Antony leveraged this fact at the re-negotiation of territories, and is now in sole charge of the east, with its fabulous wealth, trade connections and opportunities for military glory. Poised in this hotbed of potential, his ambition is to rise above his rivals in glory and power, and seize the ultimate command that was once so nearly his.