47th (Czech) Regiment (NTW unit)

47th (Czech) Regiment
47th (Czech) Regiment
Category: Infantry
Class: Line Infantry
Men: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Range: 80
Accuracy: 45
Reloading skill: 45
Ammunition: 10
Melee attack: 10
Charge bonus: 14
Defence: 14
Morale: 8
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 680
Upkeep cost: 170

The 47th are an experienced and versatile line infantry regiment.

These veteran soldiers are adept at close and fire combat. When formed in a disciplined line, they can unleash a massed volley of fire and then move forwards to engage in melee with the enemy. Their strength in close formation is also one of their weaknesses: they are a large target for artillery or skirmishers. Cavalry charges on the line can be devastating, but the 47th Regiment can form square when required.

In 1809, the Czech 47th Regiment distinguished itself at the Battle of Aspern-Essling, the first battle Napoleon had personally lost in ten years. Using tactics and tricks such as laying down to minimise casualties from artillery bombardments, the Austrians prevented the French from crossing the Danube. The French would later succeed in crossing on their second attempt at Wagram a few months later.

The Austrian army consisted of troops from many nations, as the Austrian “empire” was a patchwork of personal fiefs and states. Many Austrian soldiers were technically from the Holy Roman Empire: ruled by Francis II (1768-1835), the Empire included 3 million Czechs until 1806. After that date, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved and Francis became Francis I of Austria. He did manage to hang on to some of the old Empire’s soldiery.


Can guard
Can hide in woodland
Grappling hooks
Resistant to morale shocks

Technological abilities

Chevaux de frise
Fire and advance
Socket bayonet
Square formation

Available for:

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This unit is part of the Imperial Eagle Pack DLC. It is originally included in the initial boxed edition of the game.

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