The Byzantine Empire (M2TW-K-CC faction)

The Byzantine Empire
Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Greek
Religion: Orthodox

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Constantinople - Huge city (Capital)
  • Abydos - Town
  • Heraclea - Town
  • Iraklion - Town
  • Laodiciea - Town
  • Nicaea - Town
  • Palaeokastron - Town
  • Rhodes - Castle
  • Sinope - Large town
  • Smyrna - Castle
  • Trebizond - Castle




Byzantium is essentially the Greek speaking remnants of the Eastern Roman Empire and the centre of Orthodox Christianity. The Byzantines themselves merely see their Empire as an unbroken continuance of the Roman Empire and its Emperors. The Empire is currently a shadow of its former self, having lost a great deal of territory in Asia Minor to the Seljuk Turks, and in other areas to internal strife and civil war. Current Emperor Manuel I is a dynamic leader and a resourceful general determined to build on the progress made by his immediate predecessors in restoring the Empire to its former glory.

The Byzantine Empire will need to regain its losses to the Turks in Asia Minor as well as the regions lost to internal strife, before it can expand into other faction’s territories. Fortunately the Seljuks, as well as the Egyptians, are more focussed on the Crusader States; but should they fall the Byzantines are unlikely to withstand a united Islamic offensive. As such, some cooperation with the Crusader States will be necessary for the Empire’s wellbeing.

The Byzantine Empire was created on the back of a strong military tradition, although much smaller than in the past, the Empire’s forces tend to be well trained and disciplined. The Empire’s forces consist of a wide range of unit types, from heavy cavalry to infantry, and many ranged units including the devastating Greek Flame Thrower.


Greek Firethrower

Good heavy cavalry and missile cavalry, capable archers and fields the Greek Firethrower.


Spread out starting position and not well liked by its neighbours.

Campaign rules


Hold 25 regions, including: Constantinople (30 turns), Ankara (10 turns), Baghdad (10 turns), Antioch (10 turns), Alexandria (10 turns). Eliminate factions: The Turks


Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: The Turks

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