Principality of Antioch (M2TW-K-CC faction)

Principality of Antioch
Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Northern European
Religion: Catholic

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Antioch - Minor city (Capital)
  • Aleppo - Wooden castle
  • Diyabakir - Town
  • Edessa - Minor city
  • Krak de Chevaliers - Fortress
  • Malatya - Town




Being on the First Crusade’s route to Jerusalem, Antioch was conquered and made into the Principality of Antioch in 1098, one year before Jerusalem was conquered by the Crusaders. Incorporating the County of Edessa, the Principality of Antioch lies along the coast north of Jerusalem. However, due to a more united Seljuk presence, under Nur ad-Din, Antioch has lost much of its inland holdings.

The Prince of Antioch, Bohemund III, must defend his realm and reverse Antioch’s decline. A wise move would be to maintain their strong alliance with fellow Crusaders, the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Such alliances will make Antioch’s task of reclaiming its lost regions, as well as expanding, far easier. However, first and foremost Antioch must repel Nur ad-Din’s attempts to drive the Crusading Franks out of the Holy Lands.

Antioch is renowned for its strong heavy infantry, such as the mighty Canons of the Holy Sepulchre, as well as its Armenian auxiliaries, recruited from neighbouring local Christians. Antioch can also rely on the Order of St. John, who, besides providing the impressive Hospitaller Knights, including the Marshall of the Hospitallers himself, is able to field other more mundane, but no less effective, units such as sergeants and crossbowmen.


Marshall of the Hospitallers

Fields strong heavy cavalry and the strength of the Knights Hospitaller.


Fields a poor variety of light cavalry and skirmishers.

Campaign rules


Hold 25 regions, including: Krak de Chevaliers (30 turns), Antioch (10 turns), Constantinople (10 turns), Baghdad (10 turns), Edessa (10 turns). Eliminate factions: The Turks


Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: The Turks

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