Ulans (NTW unit)

Austria Ulans
Russia Ulans
Category: Cavalry
Class: Lancer Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Faction: Austria Russia
Melee attack: 7 6
Charge bonus: 37 36
Defence: 6 5
Morale: 7 6
Turns to train: 2 2
Recruitment cost: 530 470
Upkeep cost: 170 150

Ulans are fast-moving lancers, and terrific shock cavalry who can batter an enemy into flight.

Like all lancers, it is their weapons that give them a distinct advantage in the first seconds of contact. A unit of lancers, charging into the attack, is frightening indeed to the targets of their ire. However, a lance is not the handiest of weapons in a melee, so the ulans should break off, reform and charge anew rather than stay in hand-to-hand combat. Like all shock cavalry, they should not be thrown into ill-considered attacks against prepared or elite infantry in square formations.

The Austrian decision to raise lancer regiments was a consequence of conquering former Polish provinces: Polish manpower was there to be exploited, and Poles were regarded as expert lancers. The first units were raised by the order of Emperor Joseph II (1741-90), but it was under his successor, Leopold, that the first proper regiments were created. The Poles had a long tradition of fielding lancer regiments, and the Austrians made full use of this experience. Ulans were armed, dressed, and trained in a distinctly Polish style: the rank and file were also mostly Polish speakers.


Can hide in woodland
Good stamina
Resistant to cold fatigue Russia

Technological abilities

Wedge formation
Diamond formation

Available for:

Ntw austria cav lancer austrian ulans icon.png Ntw russia cav lancer russian ulans icon.png
Austria Russia

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