Total War ROME II: Patch 16


Technical and performance improvements


  • Fixed a rare projectile crash in battles.

Campaign AI improvements

  • Adjustment to Campaign AI to force factions that have just become known / discovered to take on the current attitude towards the player, rather than be neutral.

General battle improvements

  • Fixed bug with Celtic Linothorax armour on units in battle.
  • Fixed misaligned settlement walls in Tigranocerta city battle map.
  • Stopped infantry user triggering "riders into wedge" voiceover during battles.
  • Armies moving from a settlement will no longer trigger "move completed" dialogue lines before their move has begun.
  • Armenia can no longer use large onagers when defending in a custom siege battles.

General Campaign improvements

  • Fixes for seasonal effects and adjustments to income types and amounts from buildings in the campaign so subsistence is more favoured.
  • Diplomatic scores have been lowered in general, and It is now harder to make client states.

Usability Improvements


  • Factions are now listed in 2 columns in the Custom Battle and Multiplayer *Lobbies, to prevent the faction list going off the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a Roman minor port coastal battle map, where units could disembark on an out-crop of land at the edge of the map, and therefore would get stuck and no longer be able to fight the navies in the battle.
  • Fix for broken deployment area on port tile near the Dolmens in France.


  • Faction Trait Icons fix - adjust to newer Emperor Edition colour scheme.

Balancing Changes

Unit Stats

  • Increased armour of Foot Companions.
  • Increased melee attack of Thracian Slingers, Bowmen, Skirmishers.
  • Increased charge bonus of Carthaginian Noble Cavalry.
  • Increased damage of longbows but reduced reload rate.
  • Increased health of First Cohort and Eagle Cohort.
  • Removed square from noble Spearmen and Persian Hoplites.
  • Increased range of Nubian Bowmen to 150.
  • Increased the health, attack and melee defence of Egyptian Cavalry.
  • Increased the health of Thureos Spears by 5.
  • Karian Axemen ranged weapon swapped for the same javelins as used by Thureos Spears.
  • Increased the attack, armour and health of Mercenary Leopard Warriors.
  • Increased the morale and armour of Camel Spearmen.
  • Increased the morale of Camel Archers.
  • Attack and charge bonus increased for Agrianian Axemen.
  • Increased the armour of Thessalian Cavalry.
  • Changed weapon of Hippeus Lancers so they do more damage.
  • Increased the morale and health of Elite Persian Archers.
  • Increased the armour, charge and melee defence of Etruscan Hoplites.
  • Increased the morale of Light Hoplites.
  • Increased the health of Heroes of Sparta.
  • Increased the range of Gallic Hunters.
  • Increased the health of Celtic Skirmishers.
  • Increased the melee attack, charge bonus and melee defence of Celtiberian Cavalry.
  • Increased the melee attack and charge bonus of Iberian Noble Cavalry
  • Cantabrian Cavalry have been given higher damage javelins..
  • Increased the armour of Veteran Riders.
  • Increased the hit points of Horse Runners.
  • Increased the armour of Bloodsworn.
  • Increased the armour and morale of Spear Wall.
  • Increased the morale and melee defence of Night Hunters.
  • Increased the melee attack and melee defence of Fierce Swords.
  • Increased the range of Dacian Heavy Bowmen.
  • Increased the health and melee attack of Dacian Heavy Skirmishers.
  • Increased the armour of Thracian Peltasts.
  • Increased the morale of Thracian Warriors.
  • Increased the health of Tribal Warriors and reduced speed.
  • Increased the morale and melee defence of Illyrian Cavalry.
  • Increased the morale of Parthian Foot Archers.
  • Swapped the shield type of Scythian Royal Skirmishers and Sarmatian Horsemen to one with more armour.
  • Increased armour and health of Sarmatian Royal Lancers.
  • Reduced the mass of chariots.
  • Increased the mass of elephants.
  • Increased the attack of Briton Scout Riders to 38*
  • Decreased the attack of Hastati to 35

Unit Abilities and Attributes

  • Added hoplite wall to Persian Hoplites.
  • Rapid Advance for Gorgo's Skirmishers replaced with Rapid Reload.
  • Added Frenzied Charge to Mighty Horse.
  • Added Frenzied Charge to Illyrian Cavalry.
  • Added Hoplite Wall for Noble Spearmen.
  • Added Drago to Saka Noble Armoured Lancers.
  • All camel units have gained the resistant to fatigue attribute.

Unit Costs and Caps

  • Thureos Hoplites cost decreased to 600.
  • Illyrian Thureos Spears cost increased to 380.
  • Iberian Swordsmen cost increased to 350.
  • Thureos Spears cost increased to 560.
  • Riders of the Hunt cost decreased to 570.
  • (Mercenary) Rhodian Slingers cost decrease to 590.
  • Evocati Cohort cost increased to 890.
  • Triarii cost decreased to 790.
  • Steppe Archers cost increased to 330
  • Nubian Bowmen, Hippeus Lancers, Dacian Heavy Bowmen, Mercenary Thracian *Warriors and Illyrian Cavalry cost increased
  • Steppe Archers cost increased to 330
  • Egyptian cavalry increased to 600.
  • Celtic Warhounds cost reduced by 50
  • Increased the custom/multiplayer battle cap of Mercenary Axe Warriors to 4.

Unit Availability

  • Mercenary Thracian Warriors added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for *Macedon and Athens.
  • Mercenary Samnite Warriors added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Epirus.
  • Mercenary Italian Cavalry added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Syracuse.
  • Mercenary Cappadocian Cavalry, Mercenary Skirmisher Cavalry and Mercenary *Syrian Archers added to custom/multiplayer roster for Galatia.
  • Mercenary Germanic Scout Riders added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Nervii.
  • Mercenary Veteran Hoplites added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for the Odrysian Kingdom.
  • Factional mercenaries for Tylis swapped from Dacian to Celtic units in campaign mode.
  • Mercenary Tarantine Cavalry added to custom/multiplayer roster for Ardiaei.
  • Cappadocian Cavalry added to campaign and battle roster for Pontus.
  • Mercenary Naked Swords added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for Pontus.
  • Mercenary Amazonian Riders added to custom/multiplayer battle roster for *Roxolani and Massagetae.