Total War ROME II: Getae and Pydna Update

Getae and Pydna Update - build: 11271.541757


New Historical Battle – Battle of Pydna

Marking the release of the 1st Total War novel in paperback, which also includes a sequence featuring this pivotal battle, players can now test their generalship in the highly challenging Battle of Pydna historical scenario.

An important stride forward on the road to Rome becoming the dominant regional power; Macedon received a blow it couldn’t recover from, but how will your battle fair? This scenario has been designed as a demanding test for experienced Total War players.

More information on ‘Destroy Carthage’ by Times Bestselling author David Gibbons can be found here: Read the first chapter now at

New Playable Faction – Getae

The Getae are not a single tribe, but a loose confederation settled around the Lower Danube. They differ from other local tribes through their worship of Gebeleizis, who manifests himself through lightning and thunder, and Zalmoxis, who represents immortality. The Getae strongly believe there are no other gods than their own, yet see themselves as constantly at odds with the heavens, even firing arrows at Gebeleizis during heavy storms.

Perhaps reflecting this natural fury, the Getae have the best skirmishers of all the barbarian factions; favouring lightning-fast hit-and-run strikes at the enemy combined with heavy-hitting falx-armed shock infantry.

New Units – Getae

Heavy Skirmishers

These elite missile infantry are a deadly combination of well-armed and armoured, especially when compared to other faction’s troops in a similar role. Suited to ambushing and softening the enemy before a charge from supporting units, Getae’s skirmishers are unparalleled within their culture.

Heavy Archers

Elite bowmen are a staple of many Getae expeditionary forces, who consider a cloudy sky to be a poor omen for battle. Unless of course it is they who are raining Gebeleizis’ fury on the enemy’s head in the form of thick clouds of heavy shafts and weighted arrowheads.

Noble Swords

Forming the hammer of any powerful Getae army, these armoured infantry will stoically push forward into the enemy line against the most incredible odds. While it is the purpose of other units to harass, break and shock, it is these elite swordsmen who have the grim, determined work of slaughtering the foe.

DLC Preparation – Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack

This update contains content that will prepare the game for purchasers of the forthcoming DLC, the Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack. This includes updates to game data and assets, eg. so that non-owners can see DLC units in MP battles.

The Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack is out soon, please see here for more details.

New Achievements

For owners of Nomadic Tribes DLC:

  • We Can’t Axe for More
  • Put On Your Red Light
  • My Kingdom for a Horse

Free with Caesar in Gaul update:

  • Baktria to the Future

For owners of Caesar in Gaul DLC:

  • Struck a Nervii
  • That’s my Boii
  • Anatolia Not to Come

For owners of Hannibal at the Gates DLC:

  • Celtiberia Victorious
  • Fast & Lusitani
  • Tyrannus

Free with Getae and Pydna Update:

  • Getae In!
  • Phalanx But No Thanks

For owners of Pirates & Raiders DLC:

  • Hoist the Colours!
  • Thrace for Impact
  • Megas Basileus
  • Comontorios Eternal

Usability improvements

  • Added missing subtitles for Hannibal at the Gates intro in German, Spanish and Russian.
  • Updated the localisation for Ardiaei, Getae, Odrysian Kingdom and Tylis, faction traits in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish and Turkish.

General battle improvements

  • Increased the length of the falx weapon handle, so units hold it correctly in two hands.

General Campaign improvements

  • Political promotions in Campaign modes are now dependant on all of their prerequisites (e.g. age or experience level of the general), rather than just whether or not they can be afforded.
  • Raiding will cause negative happiness (as it used to be before Patch 12)

Campaign AI improvements

  • Fix for Campaign AI sometimes overestimating strength of transport ships.