The Mongol Invasion

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Shogun: Total War – the Mongol Invasion expansion pack

Set in the Mongol invasion of Japan, this expansion pack features additional content, missions and the new playable faction of the Mongols. Historically the Kublai Khan, leader of the Mongols met catastrophic weather on the journey to Japan and so the invasion plan was abandoned before it ever truly began. In this expansion however, the Creative Assembly have re-written this detail in the name of strategy-based gaming. In the Mongol Invasion the invaders successfully land on the shores of Chikuzen. As either the Mongols or the ruling Hojo clan of Japan it is up to you to take Japan in the name of the Khan or repel the invading force and secure your homeland’s freedom.

Featuring a new playable faction, powerful new units on both sides of the conflict, a map editor, two new campaigns and four new battle campaigns, the Mongol Invasion certainly has enough content to keep the player busy. There are also new multiplayer modes that are sure to intrigue both new and veteran gamers alike. Certain bugs in gameplay have also been fixed with the patch. All in all the expansion adds more depth, smoother gameplay, an exciting new campaign, a new faction and new units to play with and serves to enhance an already brilliant game.

Warlord and Gold editions of Shogun: Total War are available containing the main game and the expansion.

Shogun: Total War – The Mongol Invasion was released in August 2001 by the Creative Assembly and Electronic Arts.