Steam Workshop and How to Make Mods


Steam Workshop

The Rome II Steam Workshop is a directory of user created modifications for the game that can alter many different areas of the game, from simple balance mods to adding new units to changing the graphics in the game.

You can browse the Workshop for mods you would like to have in your game and subscribe to them. The tags can be used to filter for mods of different types, so if you just want to find mods that add new units, the Units tag is the one for you.

Mod Manager

Once you have subscribed to items in the Workshop, when you next load up the game you can see these mods by clicking on the Mod Manager button in the launcher.

This will show all the Workshop items you are subscribed to and the download progress of them. You can also choose which mods you want active via the checkboxes for each one. So you can subscribe to more mods than you want active at any one time and you can have them downloaded on your computer and ready to go whenever you want them to have an effect in-game.

You can also upload mods to Steam Workshop from the Mod Manager, but that will be covered later. First there is information on how to make a mod.

Creating a Mod

For now community made tools are required to create mods. There are already many great tools and tutorials out there, below is a list of them that will get you started.

Uploading a Mod to Steam Workshop

Now you have made a mod, uploading it to Steam Workshop is a simple process.

Make sure your mod pack has a unique name so it will not conflict with other mods, and that it is located in your Rome II data folder along with an image for your mod. This should be a 256x256 png image with the same name as your mod pack. If you do not have this image you will get an error message on trying to upload.

Run the game and go to the Mod Manager. You should see a new entry there with the name of your mod pack along with an upload button. Clicking it will prompt you to select which tag you want for your mod. The tags are:

  • Graphical
  • UI
  • Overhaul
  • Battle
  • Campaign
  • Units
  • Compliation
  • Maps

Pick the one that is most relevant.

Once your mod has been uploaded you will be taken to the Steam Workshop page for it where you can edit its title, description and upload additional images/videos to help promote it. Save the details and it will be available for everyone who owns Rome II to subscribe to and use themselves in their games.