Regiments Of Renown Stat Comparison


Regiments of Renown

These are elite units – legendary within the annals of the Old World – whose statistics are much-improved over those of their standard counterparts. They can be unlocked for recruitment when the Lord under your command has attained the sufficient skill level, and are instantly recruited from the special Regiments of Renown recruitment menu into his army. In this respect they differ from standard units, which spend at least one turn in the recruitment queue. Alongside enhanced stats, each Regiment of Renown also has one or more special abilities its standard-roster counterpart does not. Empire

The Tattersouls - Flagellants

Increased unit size

This brotherhood of zealots is led by the crazed prophet Gerhard The Worm, who fought alongside Volkmar in the war against The Everchosen. Little remains of his personality now but the raw fervour which drives his men.

Stirland’s Revenge – Free Company Militia

Stalk, armour piercing missiles, immune to psychology

A shower of growling ne’er-do-wells, the ragged militia of Stirland’s Revenge are always spoiling for a fight. What they lack in personal hygiene, they more than make up for in their thirst for vengeance against the undead.

Hammer of The Witches – Great Cannon

Enhanced physical resistance, shells cause magical damage

A single regiment is all that remains of Fort Oberstyre’s once-formidable batteries. The Hammer of The Witches earned its name in service of the town of Gortansford, tearing The Grey Hag to shreds with hastily-improvised grapeshot-rounds of horseshoes.

Sigmar’s Sons - Swordsmen


Sigmar’s Sons originally served in The Red Masquers, a regiment that fought alongside Volkmar against the Norscans. They are Veteran warriors and merciless killers to a man, fearless in the face of evil.

Silver Bullets – Handgunners

Stalk, bullets deal magical damage

Prior to battle, their foul-mouthed quartermaster Curser Brecht hands each of these marksmen a single silver bullet, granting them proof against whatever Sylvania may throw against them. Whether real or imagined, these good-luck charms seem to work…

The Sunmaker – Helstorm Rocket Battery

Flaming attacks, Increased number of missiles per volley

The final invention of the scatterbrained Talabheim alchemist Jurgen Bugelstrauss before his untimely demise, The Sunmaker fires specialist phosphoric rockets that burn with a blinding brilliance.

The Templehof Luminark – Luminark of Hysh

Encourage, Net of Amyntok

Crafted by Jovi Sunscryer, most experienced of the White Wizards, The lenses of the Templehof Luminark are ground to perfection and offer an unmatched degree of focus.

The Royal Altdorf Gryphites – Demigryphs

Cause terror

At the head of the Drakwald Riders, the Royal Altdorf Gryphites are among the finest of The Order’s inner-circle of cavalrymen.

Zintler’s Reiksguard – Reiksguard

Vanguard Deployment

Led by the Reiksmarshal Hans Zintler, the long and oft-storied history of this proud order has given them a peerless positional perspective. Masters of the flanking manoeuvre, their enemies find themselves under savage assault before the battle has been joined in earnest.


Vampire Counts

The Feasters in The Dusk – Crypt Ghouls

Stalk, vanguard deployment

Most Crypt Ghouls are only too eager to pound towards their foes for the meal they represent. The Feasters in The Dusk are uncharacteristically measured in their approach, preferring to advance in stealthy fashion before lunging at their prey from the shadows.

The Devils of Shwartzhafen – Vargheists

Vanguard Deployment

These once-handsome sons of the Von Carstein dynasty, trapped for long years in the warpstone-tainted caverns below Castle Swartzhafen, bear no trace of their former intellect. Now, they haunt the night at Mannfred’s behest, tearing his opponents to bloody rags.

The Direpack – Dire Wolves

Bonus VS large, increased mass and size

Uncommonly ferocious, these grossly muscled fiends eschew smaller targets in favour of foes large enough to satisfy their ravenous appetites.

The Sternsmen – Grave Guard


In life, these cursed warriors were the honour guard of Verek The Blade, First Castellan of Sternieste. In death, they fight with an unholy zeal which resists the blows of their foes.

The Tithe – Zombies

Increased size and physical resistance

These once-proud fighting men of Sylvania, now reduced to shambling servants of The Midnight Aristocracy, are physically superior to ‘civilian’ zombies in every way

The Chillgheists – Hexwraiths

Magical Resistance, slowing aura

Guardians of the Necropolis of Vargravia, The Chillgheists draw power from the cursed land and instil a blasphemous resolve in their cold-hearted brethren.

The Claw of Nagash – Mortis Engine

Magical Resistance, slowing aura

It is said that the huge ironbone reliquary of this Mortis Engine contains the withered but still-moving hand of Nagash himself, lending it the unholy power to ward off enemy magics.

Verek’s Reavers – Black Knights


Cursed to fight for the Wight King Verek The Blade, these cavalry are seemingly unstoppable, their limbs reattaching and shattered bones remade before their opponents’ startled eyes.

The Konigstein Stalkers – Skeleton Warriors

Poison Attacks, improved armour

Even veterans of conflict with the clacking hordes of Sylvania are unprepared for the poisonous onslaught of the Konigstein Stalkers.