Hotfix and Festivals Update (Patch 13.1)

Patch 13.1 - build: 11724.548874


Technical and performance improvements


  • A rare crash which occurred after declining to fight a battle as a reinforcing army while the camera was still moving on the Campaign map has been fixed.

General battle improvements

  • Cavalry can now break away from infantry less easily in all battles.
  • Increased the cost of armoured elephants.
  • Improved terrain heights and building positions in Pydna Historical Battle.
  • Fix for raiding horsemen having wrong shield type.
  • Fix for Illyrian Raiders having wrong armour type.
  • Wind will now affect more particles during battles, e.g. smoke will be blown in the wind direction.

General campaign improvements

  • Added 9 new seasonal festival events across all Campaigns.
  • Some Getae objectives that were not completing now are.
  • Fix for Dacian Bowmen not being recruitable from upgraded buildings.
  • Fix for Hellenic wine subject choice giving the wrong effects.
  • Added new Balkan sword (melee weapon stats) for balancing and assigned to Thracian peltasts.
  • Bonus vs. large added to Rhomphaia and Falx.
  • Buffed Thracian Peltasts in melee.
  • Illyrian hoplites and noble hoplites now have Hoplite Wall ability.
  • Swapped ships for Illyrian Raiders, added Illyrian Raider ship to all the correct port levels.
  • Fix for technology missing a link to previous technology.
  • Fix for melee attack penalty in battles for Balkan group generals units.
  • Added Thracian Warriors to settlement garrison units.
  • Fix for units not being available from all appropriate building levels.
  • Added naked warriors to Nervii unit roster.

Usability Improvements


  • Updated the encyclopaedia to reflect the latest changes e.g. include all special units.