Empires of Sand Update (TWA)

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We have sent out an update for Total War: Attila - Empires of Sand Culture Pack which is available now!

Full update notes

Please find the Patch Notes below:

  • Graphical distortions will no longer appear in the lighting effect which displays when settlements, armies, navies or agents are selected on the Campaign map.
  • The game will no longer crash on Campaign of Custom Battle modes for Mac users unless "Anti-Aliasing" setting was set to anything but "off". Anti-Aliasing should once again work correctly.
  • Dark shapes / decals will no longer appear on the terrain during battles for PC users when "Max Performance" graphics settings were selected. These dark shapes / decals should no longer appear on any graphics settings.
  • Fixed instances where the family tree would cause the game to "silently crash" when accessing the Faction tab.
  • HDR will no longer cover the battlefield in black when increasing the terrain graphics settings during a battle for players with AMD cards.
  • The map on the Multiplayer Campaign lobby will now display correctly (not white / blank) for players who do not own the Longbeards Culture Pack DLC.
  • Event messages should now appear in The Last Roman Campaign, when political actions occur.
  • Legacy technologies are now correctly disabled when the player unlocks specific religious technologies as the East Roman Empire (e.g. "Imperial Church" disabled "Moulded Architecture")
  • Added a victory movie to the end of Empires of Sands faction campaigns
  • Religious missions in Empires of Sand campaigns now fail correctly, when the player performs actions which they were told not to do as part of the mission.
  • The Encyclopaedia will no longer load a blank page when right-clicking on agents on the Campaign map.
  • Added a missing building icon in the Religious building chains for the Lakhmids, Himyar and Aksum faction (part of Empires of Sand Culture Pack DLC)