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Malagor the Dark Omen

The greatest and most terrible of all the Bray-Shamans is the beast known as Malagor. Hailed as the Dark Omen, Malagor travels widely from warherd to warherd, whispering his insidious, evil counsel to the chieftains and accompanying them to battle against Mankind. Man has learned to fear Malagor as a devil without equal, and even the merest sign of his presence can send the defenders of a town into the cold embrace of terror...


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Khazrak the One-eye

However, of all the chieftains that lead the warherds, by far the greatest scourge upon Mankind is Khazrak the One-eye. There are towns that Khazrak has destroyed so utterly that the forest has entirely reclaimed the land, roads that once led to bustling settlements now petering off into the undergrowth. It is said that the Emperor's cartographers can scarcely keep up with the devastation Khazrak is wreaking, their maps rendered obsolete as more and more towns are destroyed.


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