Azhag The Slaughterer

Azhag poster02.png

Azhag the Slaughterer

Azhag is unusual amongst Orcs, and all the more terrifying because of it. Whereas most Orcs rely only on their brutish strength to achieve their ends, Azhag can grasp far-seeing strategy, utilising it to gain the edge on his enemies. To have such a tactical mind as Azhag possesses is entirely peculiar to most Greenskins. Though plenty are more than happy to follow a Warboss who wins the battles he picks so consistently and with such flair, something about him seems unnatural. He talks with words other Greenskins do not understand.

At times, his eyes glow with a dark aura. Occasionally he can be found in a trancelike state, mumbling or even arguing with himself incoherently. Rumours abound that the iron crown sitting atop his brow is actually an age-old relic, possessed of an ancient and powerful evil. Through this artefact Azhag has achieved a dark communion, augmenting his simple mind with the notably un-Orcish gifts of foresight and guile, earning him his fearsome reputation and grizzly title.