Windbüchse Jägers (NTW unit)

Windbüchse Jägers
Windbüchse Jägers
Category: Infantry
Class: Skirmishers
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Range: 125
Accuracy: 75
Reloading skill: 40
Ammunition: 15
Melee attack: 4
Charge bonus: 2
Defence: 6
Morale: 7
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 3
Recruitment cost: 980
Upkeep cost: 240
Modern Rifles
Modern Rifles

These skirmishers are experts in fieldcraft, and armed with an unusual rifled airgun instead of a flintlock.

Recruited from woodsmen, hunters and poachers, these men are used to moving across broken ground and staying unobserved by their prey. Their cleverly designed airguns can be reloaded very quickly by screwing in a new air reservoir and slotting home a new magazine of shot. The airgun is also rifled, making it a deadly weapon at long range. However, like all skirmishers the Windbüchse Jägers are vulnerable to being ridden down by cavalry and cannot be expected to last long against the massed fire of line infantry.

Historically, the windbüchse (“wind rifle”) was a fascinating “what if” of military history. It had a 20-round magazine, and could fire as quickly as the user could pull the trigger. The gun could drive a ball through a plank (or a man) at 100 paces, but it was a delicate weapon. Quiet, and without a tell-tale cloud of gunpowder smoke, the windbüchse did not work after rough treatment, something that was inevitable in battle. Napoleon Bonaparte hated them and decreed that any captured “assassin” with an airgun was to be executed, not treated as a soldier.


Can guard
Can hide in light scrub
Can hide in long grass
Can hide in woodland
Can skirmish
Good stamina
Grappling hooks
Paths seldom trod
Remains hidden whilst firing
Remains hidden whilst walking

Technological abilities

Light infantry tactics

Available for:

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