Total War Battles: Kingdom Beta Version 0.4 Patch Notes

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Beta Version 0.4 Change Log

We've updated Total War Battles: KINGDOM to version 0.4 and thus have brought the game to iPhones (iPhone 5 and higher) and latest Android phones.

The patch also includes various improvements to usability, UI and balancing, a brand new battle map as well as some bugfixes. Changes apply to the game on all platforms, however please note that at the moment the iOS and Play Store versions are only available in the soft launch countries (Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands). You can find out more about this here.

Kingdom 0.4 beach.png


  • Total War Battles: KINGDOM is now available on iPhones (iPhone 5 or higher)
  • Total War Battles: KINGDOM is now available on the latest Android phones (minimum 1 GB of RAM, 2 GB of RAM recommended)
  • New Battle map: The Beach
  • New pickup animations for resources
  • More resources awarded for Battle victories
  • The post Battle panel has been improved
  • When unlocked, gameplay elements such as Tracking, Crafting, and Pledging are now explained by your advisor
  • Early game battle mission difficulty has been balanced
  • Early game quests have been adjusted
  • The tutorial has been restructured for a smoother progression
  • The Merchant Guild offers and UI have been reworked
  • Upgrading a production building to tier 2 now requires at least 1 active tier 2 Castle
  • The Ballista and Trebuchet are now noticeably stronger
  • Various infantry units have been slightly rebalanced
  • Units now regroup faster during battle
  • The Quarry prospecting clear timer has been reduced from 8h to 1h
  • The Quarry prospecting now takes existing stone deposits into consideration
  • We added the option to receive push notification, so you won’t miss an important update
  • To stay up to date, you can now visit our social media channels directly from the game menu


  • Fixed an issue where the sound volume control slider could not be selected on iOS and Android
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar would overlap the portrait screen
  • Fixed an issue where changing the season would cause the edge of the realm to flicker
  • Fixed an issue where water visualisation would break whilst filling up a pool
  • Fixed a crash whilst in the realm on iOS
  • Fixed an issue where the game resolution did not match the device resolution on iOS
  • Fixed an issue on the Castle map where the water texture was not rendered correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the portrait setup screen was out of position
  • Fixed an issue where Raiders could spawn in water if they landed on a bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash on Android if the game was minimised
  • Plus many smaller bug fixes and stability improvements