How To Play Total War: Armies, Battles and Unit Abilities

Armies, Battles and Unit Abilities
Next we have the battles themselves, where the outcomes of these engagements can change the entire look of your campaign map.

Special Abilities
This video talks about your military special abilities, both in battle and on the campaign map by researching military technology and furthering the success of your army.

Combat Controls
It is importnat to know how to properly and efficiently use your army and how to quickly deploy groups or individual units.

Unit Actions
This video will give you tips about strengths and weakness in unit actions and the way in which these actions can be exploited by you, and the enemy.

Cavalry Actions
This video is an example of a specific cavalry unit that has different abilities than just your standard cavalry. It gives you advice how and when is best to deploy your unit to make the most of its advantages.

Naval Attacks
Naval battles give you many attacking options. Larger ships allow you to ram your opponent and deploy a boarding party, while smaller ships move quickly and can often engage opponents from afar.

Defending your regions from attack is crucial. This video demonstrates how your armies can set up fortifications to prepare for incoming attacks. When in battle, this stance will allow to have many defensive advantages.

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