Guerrilla Leader (NTW unit)

Guerrilla Leader
Guerrilla Leader
Category: Cavalry
Class: General
Men: 8 / 16 / 24 / 32
Range: 80
Accuracy: 40
Reloading skill: 30
Ammunition: 10
Melee attack: 7
Charge bonus: 6
Defence: 6
Morale: 10
Recruitment cost: 480
Upkeep cost: 30

This leader inspires nearby troops with his presence, giving them fresh hope and heart even when all seems lost. Guerrilla units can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield except inside the enemy deployment zone or within range of the enemy general.

Guerrilla Leaders are men of the people, driven to take up arms out by patriotism or a need for vengeance. Natural leaders and tacticians, they have proved their suitability for command by surviving and winning. They may be drawn from the minor gentry, the aristocracy, or even the common people, but are all equally capable of killing Frenchmen. They can also inspire loyalty in their countrymen. They are accompanied by a bodyguard of carbine-armed fighters, but are more effective when inspiring the men rather than risking their own lives.

One of the most famous, and successful, Spanish Guerrilla Leaders was Francisco Espoz y Mina, or “Mina the Elder” (1781-1836). Like many of the guerrillas he came from humble beginnings, but after seeing the behaviour of the French became determined to pay back their cruelty a thousand-fold. His determination made him feared by the French and a hero in the eyes of the Spanish, who nicknamed him “King of Navarre”. His success was, however, built on ruthlessness: in one case, he blinded and mutilated French prisoners before executing them, as a lesson to their general.


Can rally routing comrades
Guerrilla warfare
Inspires nearby units

Available for:

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Unit is exclusive to the Peninsular Campaign.

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