Gameplay Video Ambush at the Thundering Falls

This Let’s Play is an example of an early Quest Battle from the Dwarfs campaign. In the vast tunnels of the Underway, a Dwarfen force lead by High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer is ambushed by a Greenskin horde. Showcasing new features and never-before-seen units battling underground for the first time in a Total War game, this video is a taste of things to come and a glimpse into the dark and exciting fantasy world of Total War: WARHAMMER.

Ambush at the Thundering Falls

The Orcs are gathering in the Badlands. Something is afoot – no doubt a foot that is large and green and belonging to their vile god!

A Dwarf expeditionary force from Karaz-a-Karak, led by Thorgrim Grudgebearer himself, must make haste through the Underway. Their destination: the Badlands so they can break the Greenskins before the tribes mob up in great numbers and pose a deadly threat to the Karaz Ankor – the dominion of the Dwarfs

First the Dwarfs must pass through Thundering Falls - a part of the decaying Underway no longer under their dominion. If the Grobi were of a mind to halt the High King’s army before it reached the Badlands this would be a good place for an ambush. Fortunately, the gyrocopters Everpeak Aircorps is on its way to provide air cover, but falling rocks have delayed their departure…