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Imperial Guard Pack

Release: 26 March 2010

The Imperial Guard Pack features 6 brand new units and contains an alternative version of the Battle of Waterloo, fought from the British perspective.

Battle Description: The Battle of Waterloo (18 June, 1815) Alternative version

Napoleon had the feeling he had won the war as he advanced towards the Anglo-Dutch army at Waterloo. The Prussians were retreating, pursued by a French corps, and only Wellington remained. French armies would be victorious once again, and the Empire would be reborn in fire. But the history book on the shelf would not be repeating itself…

This alternative version includes:

Britain as the playable faction.
Two of the new units from the Imperial Guard Pack are included in the battle
The French have more troops meaning that the battle is balanced differently.

Unit Descriptions:

Polish Guard Lancers (France) — Polish Guard Lancers are fearsome and lightning fast at the charge.

Dutch Guard Lancers (France) — Proud horsemen, Dutch Guard Lancers are fast moving and powerful when charging.

Guard Chasseurs à Cheval (France) — The Guard Chasseurs à Cheval are fine horsemen, skilled in melee combat and harassing the enemy.

Dutch Grenadiers (France) — An elite and disciplined force, Dutch Grenadiers are skilled with muskets and with bayonets in close combat.

Guard Seamen (France) — Disciplined and ready for anything, the Guard Seamen are an elite unit in every sense of the word.

Empress Dragoons (France) — The Empress Dragoons are an elite unit within the elite Imperial Guard, an exceptionally effective heavy cavalry force. Bonus Unit

Release: 12 July 2010

This unit was originally a free community reward unit when registering to the official forums.

10th Hussars (Great Britain) — Hussars are light cavalry, fast moving and useful for scouting ahead of an army.

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