Corvette (NTW unit)

Faction: Spain
Accuracy: 70 60
Reloading skill: 40 40
Hull strength: 430 430
Speed: 21 20
Maneuverability: Medium Medium
Morale: 9 9
Turns to build: 5 5
Recruitment cost: 390 370
Upkeep cost: 90 90

Corvettes are small warships, handy to sail, and armed with a small number of 9-pounder guns.

Their size makes them ideal as a “skirmisher” against sloops and brigs, as they have the speed to keep up and the cannon range to do damage. They will not last long, however, against a larger vessel such as a ship-of-the-line: one broadside at close range from a rated ship would likely dash any corvette to pieces.

Corvettes were a two-masted, French design for a ship very similar to a sloop-of-war; slightly smaller than a frigate with only a single gun deck. Like many French vessels, they were well thought out and beautifully constructed, with good sea-handling characteristics. Corvettes were ideal for the inshore waters along the English Channel where good sailing qualities were required. Other nations counted themselves fortunate if they took a French-built corvette as a prize. The term “corvette” was revived by many navies a century later for smaller warships. Indeed, a large number of modern navies use "corvette captain" (Korvettenkapitän, for example, in the Deutsche Marine) as a rank title, one step-up from lieutenant, indicating an officer suitable for an independent command.

Available for:

Grand Campaign


Egyptian Campaign

French Republic

Peninsular Campaign

France Spain

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