Chasseurs (NTW unit)

Grand Campaign Chasseurs
Peninsular Campaign Chasseurs
Egyptian Campaign Chasseurs
Category: Infantry
Class: Light Infantry
Men: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120
Range: 100
Accuracy: 40
Reloading skill: 50
Ammunition: 15
Melee attack: 5
Charge bonus: 11
Defence: 7
Morale: 6
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 560
Upkeep cost: 140

Chasseurs, or “hunters”, are light infantry who are excellent at skirmishing and ranged attacks.

Light, fast and agile, these men are experts at forming a skirmishing screen, providing diversions for an advance, or rearguard cover for a withdrawal. Armed with muskets, they are equally adept when deployed in line and loose skirmish formations. Their range and accuracy are exemplary, but they lack the skills necessary for close combat; their inability to form square leaves them vulnerable to cavalry charges.

Historically, Napoleon’s chasseurs included both foot and mounted regiments. The foot regiments were named chasseurs à pied, and the men who served well in them could be rewarded by promotion to the prestigious grenadiers. The cavalry troops were known as the chasseurs à cheval, and had a rivalry with the French hussars. Each unit believed they were superior to the other, and this resulted in many arguments between them over who wore the most dashing clothes or were the better horsemen. Although the hussars had the more expensive uniforms, the chasseurs argued that Napoleon’s escort unit was made up of men from their ranks.


Can guard
Can hide in light scrub
Can hide in woodland
Can skirmish
Grappling hooks
Resistant to morale shocks

Technological abilities

Chevaux de frise
Light infantry tactics
Socket bayonet

Available for:

Grand Campaign

Ntw france inf light french chasseurs icon.png

Peninsular Campaign

Ntw france spa inf light french chasseurs icon.png

Egyptian Campaign

Ntw french rep egy inf light french chasseurs icon.png
French Republic

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