Total War Battles: Kingdom Version 1.1 Patch Notes

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The Life in the Realm Update, the first major update to the game, adds a new dimension of character and atmosphere to your Kingdom with “Life in the Realm”, a new and improved daily rewards system, official language support for Spanish, French and German and more.

You can find the Changelist below:

New Features

  • Bring life to your realm – people, livestock, and exotic wildlife (such as ducks)!
  • You can now enjoy the game in French, German or Spanish
  • New rewards await faithful lords who return to their kingdom daily
  • Cross platform reward (20 Gold)

Changes & Bugfixes

  • Adjusted the “Veteran Tactician” battle support so that it speeds up commands and artillery only, but not powers anymore
  • Added extra messaging in duels when waiting for the opponent to connect to a battle
  • Fixed an issue with the quarry dig site. Terrain that cannot be lowered no longer yields rocks (for instance: very high terrain with surrounding terrain that cannot be lowered)
  • Fixed an issue with the Nexus 9 where a black bar would remain on screen
  • Various smaller bugfixes and stability improvements