Total War Battles: Kingdom Beta Version 0.3 Update FAQ

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TWB: KINGDOM Version 0.3 Update FAQ


When will version 0.3 be released?

  • The update to 0.3 will be released in the coming weeks.

What changes will come with the update?

  • The update to Beta version 0.3 will implement many gameplay changes, some of which are in direct response to player feedback on the forums. The most significant of these changes are:
    • Changed the realm so that it is easier to navigate and provides a challenge with space management.
    • Extended play sessions (timers reduced dramatically).
    • More reactive water (placing dams removes water instantly, making it easier to recover from floods).
    • Neighbour bonuses (Optimising building placement to gain bonuses depending on your play style e.g. increased unit stats or increased workers).
    • Quarry gameplay has been overhauled to make it more of a challenge to find deposits (but greater rewards when you do).

Why are accounts being reset?

  • We want Total War Battles: KINGDOM to be the very best it can be. In order to do this we looked at ideas from players and devs alike and the list we came up with meant we’d have to change the gameplay significantly. These changes simply cannot be implemented without resetting player’s realms.

Why is the shop offline?

  • As we’ll be resetting accounts and returning all purchased Gold to player accounts, we’ve decided to suspend the shop temporarily. We’ll bring the shop back up with the deployment of version 0.3.

Will I be able to use my old TWB: KINGDOM account or will I need a new one?

  • Accounts themselves will not be deleted, so you’ll be able to use the same login.

Will this be the last update?

  • At this stage in the Beta we’re still constantly expanding and improving the game so no, there will definitely be more updates.

Will accounts be reset again?

  • No they won’t. Ever.

When will TWB: KINGDOM be released on tablets?

  • Very soon™ (seriously).

How will the account resets affect Kingdom Archive Pledging? Will previously unlocked regions remain unlocked?

  • Pledging/PvP ladder will have to be reset as well. Regions will be reset as they have been completely reworked.

I'm wondering what "making space management more fun and challenging" translates into?

  • In general we want to give players more meaningful reasons to terraform their Realm and make strategic decisions about building placement, so we’ve introduced neighbour bonuses for buildings and condensed the Realm size for easier navigation.

Will the PvP system be reworked?

  • No.

Will sea water farms strategy remain possible?

  • Yes.

Is the deposit limit (once a day possible to find one) removed and replaced with your 'challenge'?

  • If you're referring to Gold deposits, there is no daily limit of how many you can find in 0.3, but the chance of unearthing one is low.

Does you removed the limit of specific units having in building (i.e. max one of every knight unit, one composite bow and so on)? So that we are still limited in building the army with them (1 longsword knights only possible, but having 2 more as replenishment)?

  • No, this will stay unchanged as it is working as intended.

Will there be more campaign/battle quests?

  • Not with this update, but new quests are planned for later updates.

Have you fixed the remaining bugs?

  • A large amount of issue will be addressed with version 0.3, but some problems might still need to be addressed.

Have you fixed the tile corruption of prey/boulder/dead wood killing trees???

  • This is not a bug and working as intended.