The Online History of the Creative Assembly

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The History of Total War

by GameSpot, February 2018

Rally Point - Episode 27

by CA, June 2015

Mike Simpson interview, on the early days of the Creative Assembly and the beginnings of the Total War series, begins at 7:03.

15 Years of Total War

by CA, March 2015

Levelling Up! - Creative Assembly since Total War

by UkieTV, 10 December 2014

Guy Davidson talk at the Ukie Student and Indie Game Conference 2014, Staffordshire University.

Total War: Shogun 2 - Heritage Dev diary

by CA, February 2011

Creative Assembly: All Your History

by Machinima, 2010


From 2000 to 2013

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From 2013 onwards



Game Year Platform Role
Total War: Warhammer II 2017 Windows Developer
Total War: Warhammer 2016 Linux, Mac, Windows Developer
Total War Battles: Kingdom 2016 Mac, Windows Developer
Total War: Attila 2015 Linux, Mac, Windows Developer
Alien: Isolation 2014 Linux, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One Developer
Total War: Rome II 2013 Mac, Windows Developer
Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai 2012 Windows Developer
Total War Battles: Shogun 2012 Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Developer
Total War: Shogun 2 2011 Windows Developer
Sonic Classic Collection^ 2010 Nintendo DS Porting
Napoleon: Total War 2010 Windows Developer
Stormrise^ 2009 PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360 Developer
Empire: Total War 2009 Windows Developer
Viking: Battle for Asgard 2008 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Developer
Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms^ 2007 Windows Developer
Medieval II: Total War^ 2006 Windows Developer
Rome: Total War - Alexander 2006 Windows Developer
Spartan: Total Warrior 2005 GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox Developer
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion 2005 Windows Developer
Rome: Total War 2004 Windows Developer
Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion 2003 Windows Developer
Medieval: Total War 2002 Windows Developer
Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion 2001 Windows Developer
Shogun: Total War 2000 Windows Developer
Rugby / Rugby 2001 2000 PlayStation 2, Windows Developer
Cricket 2000 1999 Windows Developer
ICC Cricket World Cup England 99 1999 Windows Developer
AFL 98 1998 Windows Developer
International Rugby League 1996 DOS, Windows Developer
ARL 96 1996 DOS, Windows Developer
Rugby World Cup 95 1995 DOS Porting
Microcosm 1994 DOS Porting
FIFA International Soccer 1993 DOS Porting
Shadow of the Beast 1991 FM Towns Porting
Stryx 1990 DOS Porting
Infestation 1990 DOS, FM Towns Porting
Stunt Car Racer 1989 DOS Porting
Blood Money 1989 DOS Porting
Baal 1989 DOS Porting

^ The Creative Assembly Australia / The Creative Assembly International

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