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[[File:visigoth_flag.png|100px|link=Visigothic Kingdom (TWA faction)]]
[[File:visigoth_flag.png|100px|link=Visigothic Kingdom (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Visigothic Kingdom (TWA faction)| - Visigothic Empire]]</span>'''
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Visigothic Kingdom (TWA faction)| - Visigothic Empire]]</span>'''
==Age of Charlemagne Campaign==
[[File:AOC_Asturias_flag.png|100px|link=Kingdom of Asturias (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Kingdom of Asturias (TWA faction)| - Kingdom of Asturias]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Avars_flag.png|100px|link=Avars (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Avars (TWA faction)| - Avars]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Charlemagne_flag.png|100px|link=Kingdom of Charlemagne (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Kingdom of Charlemagne (TWA faction)| - Kingdom of Charlemagne]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Cordoba_flag.png|100px|link=Emirate of Cordoba (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Emirate of Cordoba (TWA faction)| - Emirate of Cordoba]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Danes_flag.png|100px|link=Kingdom of the Danes (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Kingdom of the Danes (TWA faction)| - Kingdom of the Danes]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Lombards_flag.png|100px|link=Kingdom of the Lombards (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Kingdom of the Lombards (TWA faction)| - Kingdom of the Lombards]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Mercia_flag.png|100px|link=Kingdom of Mercia (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Kingdom of Mercia (TWA faction)| - Kingdom of Mercia]]</span>'''
[[File:AOC_Westphalia_flag.png|100px|link=Westphalia (TWA faction)]]
'''<span style="font-size:30px"> [[Westphalia (TWA faction)| - Westphalia]]</span>'''
<!--===Next faction coming soon===
<!--===Next faction coming soon===
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[[Total_War_ATTILA|Return to the Total War: Attila page]]-->

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[edit] Grand Campaign

Alans flag.png - Alans

Eastern roman empire flag.png - Eastern Roman Empire

Franks flag.png - Franks

Hun flag.png - Huns

Ostrogoths flag.png - Ostrogoths

Sassanid empire flag.png - Sassanid Empire

Saxons flag.png - Saxons

Vandal flag.png - Vandals

Visigoth flag.png - Visigoths

Western rome flag.png - Western Roman Empire

[edit] Free Factions

Garamantians flag.png - Garamantians

Released alongside Slavic Nations Culture Pack

Lakhmids flag.png - Lakhmids

Released alongside Empires of Sand Culture Pack

Suebi flag.png - Suebians

Released alongside The Last Roman Campaign Pack

White Huns flag.png - White Huns

Released alongside Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack

[edit] Culture Packs

[edit] Viking Forefathers

Danes flag.png - Danes

Geats flag.png - Geats

Jutes flag clean.png - Jutes

[edit] Longbeards

Alamans flag.png - Alamans

Burgundians flag.png - Burgundians

Langobards flag.png - Langobards

[edit] Celts

Caledonians flags.png - Caledonians

Ebdanians Flag.png - Ebdanians

Picts Flag.png - Picts

[edit] Empires of Sand

Aksum flag.png - Aksum

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- Himyar

Tanukhids flag.png - Tanukhids

[edit] Slavic Nations

TWA anteans flag.png - Anteans

TWA sclavenians flag.png - Sclavenians

TWA venedians flag.png - Venedians

[edit] The Last Roman Campaign

Franks flag.png - Frankish Kingdom

Ostrogoths flag.png - Ostrogothic Kingdom

Roman Expedition.png - Roman Expedition

Vandal flag.png - Vandalic Kingdom

Visigoth flag.png - Visigothic Empire

[edit] Age of Charlemagne Campaign

AOC Asturias flag.png - Kingdom of Asturias

AOC Avars flag.png - Avars

AOC Charlemagne flag.png - Kingdom of Charlemagne

AOC Cordoba flag.png - Emirate of Cordoba

AOC Danes flag.png - Kingdom of the Danes

AOC Lombards flag.png - Kingdom of the Lombards

AOC Mercia flag.png - Kingdom of Mercia

AOC Westphalia flag.png - Westphalia