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'''Denuvo Q&A'''
==Denuvo Q&A==

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[edit] Denuvo Q&A

Hi all,

News broke over the weekend that Total War: WARHAMMER will feature Denuvo Anti-tamper tech to help prevent piracy of our game.

There’s a large amount of misinformation around about the tech and how it will work with TW:WARHAMMER, so here’s a quick Q&A to help explain.

It is very much the case that this tech will be entirely automatic and unnoticed to the vast majority of players, but if you have concerns please do read on.

Will Total War: WARHAMMER require you to be always online?


The game will require initial online authentication via Steam during installation as per all Total War games since EMPIRE. At this point Denuvo will also automatically authenticate. You can then decide to play in offline mode if you wish. Other games sometimes need to be always online, but this isn’t a Denuvo or Total War: WARHAMMER requirement and doesn’t apply to this game.

Will it affect the modability of the game?


Like previous anti-tamper tech we have employed in Total War, it is the .exe that is protected, and we aren’t aware of any previous mods that change the .exe. In any case, there are Denuvo-protected games with mods that patch the values of the game’s .exe in memory (example).

Can you upgrade your PC hardware without any problems?


Depending on the upgrade (CPU, mainboard or major OS update), it is likely that Denuvo will need to validate your PC again, which will happen automatically once you start the game. It may also be the case, depending on your upgrade, that Steam might need to validate your PC again anyway. So you would need to be online at that moment.

Regardless, if you upgrade your PC hardware in any manner, we would always recommend you go online anyway and download the latest drivers from your manufacturer’s website in order to ensure the best performance from the game.

Does Denuvo limit the max number of times I can install the game on different PCs?


You can install your copy of Total War: WARHAMMER on as many PCs as you like under your Steam account.

The only limit is on the number on PCs you can install on in any 24 hour period. This is limited to 5 PCs.

There might of course be an unusual reason you would want to install the game on more than 5 PCs in a day, but we hope in that case you don’t mind waiting a couple of hours. This is obviously an important measure to help us prevent the spread of a pirated version of the game, so hope you appreciate that with this understanding you help us make more Total War games in the future.

Does Denuvo cause HDD or SDD (Hard drive) problems?


There’s a misconception that Denuvo writes data (or encrypts data) to and from hard drives continuously. It doesn’t.

You can read more at the Denuvo FAQ here:

Will Denuvo affect the performance/FPS of the game?


Despite there being no technical reason it should, to ensure that its implementation doesn’t affect TW: WARHAMMER’s performance we have been running tests internally here at CA and externally at Denuvo to see if FPS is different between Denuvo and non-Denuvo builds. It isn’t.

Is Denuvo a DRM (digital rights management) solution?


Total War games since EMPIRE have used Steam as DRM. In order to help our games not be pirated (and so we can keep making Total War), we have used various different Anti-tamper technology over the years, and Denuvo is the latest.