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== '''Buildings by: Main Game / Expansion / DLC'''==
== '''Buildings by: Main Game / Expansion / DLC'''==
===''Shogun: Total War (Main Game)''===
===''Shogun: Total War (Main Game)''===

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[edit] Buildings by: Main Game / Expansion / DLC

[edit] Shogun: Total War (Main Game)

Archery Dojos

Archery Dojo  Level 1
Famous Archery Dojo  Level 2
Legendary Archery Dojo  Level 3

Spear Dojos

Spear Dojo  Level 1
Famous Spear Dojo  Level 2
Legendary Spear Dojo  Level 3

Horse Dojos

Horse Dojo  Level 1
Famous Horse Dojo  Level 2
Legendary Horse Dojo  Level 3

Sword Dojos

Sword Dojo  Level 1
Famous Sword Dojo  Level 2
Legendary Sword Dojo  Level 3


Swordsmith  Level 1
Famous Swordsmith  Level 2
Legendary Swordsmith  Level 3


Armoury  Level 1
Famous Armoury  Level 2
Legendary Armoury  Level 3

Tea Houses

Tea House  Level 1
Famous Tea House  Level 2
Legendary Tea House  Level 3


Buddhist Temple  Level 1
Famous Buddhist Temple  Level 2
Temple Complex  Level 3

Ninja and
Geisha Houses                     

Ninja House  Level 1
Infamous Ninja House  Level 2
Geisha House  Level 3


Castle  Level 1
Large Castle  Level 2
Fortress  Level 3
Citadel  Level 4


Palace  Level 1
Golden Palace  Level 2
Legendary Palace  Level 3

Watch Towers and Forts      

Border Watch Towers  Level 1
Border Forts  Level 2


Improved Farmland  Level 1
Superior Farmland  Level 2
Exceptional Farmland  Level 3
Legendary Farmland  Level 4


Mine  Level 1
Mine Complex  Level 2

Tranquil Gardens

Tranquil Garden  Level 1

Churches and

Church  Level 1 Cathedral  Level 2

Ports and
Trading Posts                   

Port  Level 1 Portuguese Trading Post  Level 2 (Portugal) Gun Factory  Level 3 (Portugal)
Dutch Trading Post  Level 2 (Dutch)

[edit] Mongol Invasion (Expansion)

Ninja Dojos                    

Battlefield Ninja Dojo  Level 1

Drill Dojos

Drill Dojo  Level 1